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Axis Product Quality Issues?

We've experienced a much greater percentage of Axis camera failures in the last 6 months or so. Historically, failures were very rare. Are other installers/integrators seeing the same trend?

Shaun, what specific models or components are causing problems?

I apologize for the slow reply. We have 7 open cases with Q6045-E, P1357-E, P5512-E cameras. The list below contains camera models from recently closed cases. We purchase between $500K and $600K in Axis cameras annually. One of our big arguments for using Axis has been the quality. We install it and don't have to worry about it. The number of cases we've had recently is concerning (not to mention time consuming and costly).





Q6045 Mk II






Q6045-E Mk II








We've seen a greater share in the past few months, particularly on the oddball/niche products. The Q3709-PVE for example is every bit as buggy as an Arecont. No stuck IR cut filters or 180 flipping yet but single imagers frequently lock up or get stuck in night mode and require a reboot. That said, there has not been a particularly significant increase of issues on products that have been around a while.

Response from Axis confirming problems and a fix for the Q3709-PVE:

Yes, in terms of AXIS Q3709-PVE we did experienced instability, it was a problem with one component. For the user it was shown in different ways, but with the same root cause.

We took instant action and stopped the production. Unfortunately units reached customers before the stop. We have now corrected the problem and are ready to start ship again within shortly.

We have taken this very seriously.

Net/net, I would contact Axis get them to replace those units.

As an integrator I seen quality control issies, missing thumb screws and focus issues in P33 series. Also had issues with Q40 series leaking; after several complaints we seen Axis sneek a cork stopper in the neck (but still voided warranties on prior RMAs).

In the past two years, as an end user, I am seeing an uptick in DOAs, failing imaging chips and more leaking PTZs.

For the past 10 years, much like Shaun, my argument for buying Axis and spending a premium was that once it was installed, it just works. I am running into significant opposition in recent weeks, due to the quality issues. I am also sore over how difficult it is for an end user to do an RMA anymore, you used to be able to call and get an RMA in minutes.

Have a bunch of issues with specifically the M3024-LVE turning pink, probably 10% have gone bad over time. Also lot more DOA's and packaging problems (missing small parts). Enough to make us as a gold provider start looking at other cameras.

So what has changed? We have not noticed a difference, but we only buy ten to fifteen a month.

I'm not certain. I have noticed that year after year manufacturers run into production problems at the end of Spring / beginning of Summer as construction season ramps up, school work commences, etc. I am wondering if the rush to produce product in order to fulfill orders is affecting quality.

If you don't mind a little speculation, something to consider is this:

Hikua has always designed their cameras to be cheap from the ground up. While Axis' R&D went towards developing technology to deliver higher performing cameras, Hikua's went towards developing the know how to produce them cheaper.

And as Hikua has played catch-up to Axis for features, Axis may have a little learning to do about how to make cameras cheaper. Consider that simply substituting a cheaper, but equally functional component in an already working design, has risk associated with it.

Translation: Axis may be trying to aggressively reduce costs by using less expensive components/processes.

I can offer no evidence for this theory, other than its plausibility and explanatory power.

Axis may be trying to aggressively reduce costs by using less expensive components/processes

But the one clear example we have acknowledged by Axis is the Q3709, which costs 10 times the average Hikua camera.

I do not know what is going on. It could be these limited examples are outliers. It could be Axis is less focused since the acquisition.

...the one clear example we have acknowledged by Axis is the Q3709, which costs 10 times the average Hikua camera.

The Q3709 is 33 MP camera powered by 3 4K imagers, with integrated stitching for street price of around $2000.

I submit that Axis is not used to making such cutting edge cameras on the (relative) cheap.

We have sent back 9 P1427-e bullets in the past two months. Not happy

DOA? Out of how many?

Why? What was the issue?

Our particular issue with P1427E have not been identified, they run for a week or two then completely dead will not power on.

We had yet another dead M3024-LVE this weekend at a customer site. Just not responding....twice now for the same camera (switch reboot solves) so now have to do advanced RMA and then go replace on our dime because was a new install.

We'd already have left Axis is wanted to spend the time learning a new product line...getting closer. Don't really want to venture to the cheap camera makers although if Axis is giving us the problems I'd assume with the cheap ones then might as well make a little more money dealing with the issue.

Probably 5-8% of our M3024-LVE's have been bad at some point...mostly going pink. It's pretty frustrating to try and get into cheaper...but still 'good' cameras and then those fail.

" Don't really want to venture to the cheap camera makers" You don't think brands like Sony or Techwin or Bosch are solid enough?

We often do multi-streams (high onsite / low offsite) and had issues with Bosch on low-resolution images. But....I was really referring to Hik, Dahua, Vivotek and those models. Do a lot of offsite recording and some of them are very bad at efficiency for a cloud-based recording model.