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Axis P3384 Areal View Camera

I just setup an Axis P3384 Arial View camera. Of that is what I think they call them. I use OnSSI and when it read it into configuration it shows up as an Axis 8 channels device. In fact it sets up 8 independent cameras in the VMS. What I learnt was that in the configuration of the camera itself you can split the view into quadrants assigning them to specific camera views and look like it is 8 cameras. Is this a trend in technology, anywone had experience with this.

You took a 720p camera and split it across 8 different views?

Over the years, there have been a handful of companies who marketed something called 'virtual cameras'. Taking segments of a camera and turning them into 'virtual' cameras/feeds. For example, a 3MP camera covering 3 teller stations - draw boxes on each station area and turn that into 3 'virtual' cameras so one can easily look at the specific teller station of interest.

I don't think that has really taken off though I think there's some use.

it was the first time I have seen this type of camera. I was impressed, but I come back down and disabled all the channels except for just 1 using the whole view. I did not need 7 extra channels that I have to buy licenses for.

We have one of those camera's here at work in our test lab. Thanks for bringing that to my attention I will have to look into that. Just giving it a quick look I could not find where to configure that, any tips?

Let me have a go. The OnSSI tech gave me brief run thru.

- On Left menu, under camera settings, top section there is View Areas, check it to enable view areas.

- On left menu, click on View Areas

- The default view area is set

- add a view area and the modify parameters.

I have not gone any further than that, it seems to be very constrained. You can add up to 7 views.

What firmware version do you have? I am not seeing the same menu's. I am using Firmware version: 5.40.11

Firmware 5.40.19.

Thanks for the screen shots, I found it!

Just wondering if its possible to change the PFF across multiple views to account for different area conditions in the overall view.

One camera 4 View

Just for example

Avigilon one camera

four different views

need only one Lic

Hi Alex, when you say need only one lic. What is the VMS which you are referring to? When I just use the cameras web interface there is no license required.

Avigilon VMS and any camera which works with Avigilon

only need one Lic


I am a technical trainer for OnSSI, and I have 2 Axis Area View cameras that I use in my training classes (M3007, P3344). Axis Area View Cameras do indeed show up as 8 separate cameras under 1 hardware device in the Ocularis Recording Component - as you noted. However, if you have Ocularis 3.5 or newer, this functionality will only require 1 camera license.

From our 3.5 Release Notes:

Better Support for Multi-Stream Cameras

Only one license is required for supporting multi-stream cameras on all Ocularis feature sets. The cameras included are: Arecont 180 / 360 degree, IQ Eye Cameo and Axis Area View. (For Ocularis PS, while utilizing one camera license, these cameras will still count as connecting four cameras when calculating the maximum number of cameras supported on the recorder.)

Note: The above refers to licensing cameras on the recorder. Because we tie these camera licenses to the Ocularis Base, after you license the cameras on the recorder, you will have to send in the .lrq (license request) file, and our support team will update your Base License so this device only uses one camera license (reflected in the License Activation screen - after the update.)

If you need help, or have anything else I can assist with, please contact me directly: mmajor(AT)OnSSI(DOT)com