Axis P1428-E - Hidden Limitations

I'm writing this to warn you all about the Axis P1428-E. Apparently this camera has limitation in it's API due to the fact that the hardware can't handle it.

It started with a project where the customer want's to make 'photos' of their product. So we got an Axis camera and planned on using the API to make stills, and use the overlay to display the product number.

We first tested it with a P1347 to see if it would work, and it did. The customer wanted to have the highest resolution possible, so we went with the 4K version, the P1428-E.

So the customer went on a started programming his software, and we ordered the new camera's.
I was pretty excited when we got them and hooked them up to see if they would work. But they didn't. It only shot the images, but didn't display the overlay.

So I got into contact with Axis support. These let me know, to my surprise, that the P1428 couldn't support the overlay, cause the hardware couldn't handle it! I got directed to the release notes of the firmware where it stated under Known limitations " This product does only support global text overlays"

I was stunned to say the least. There's no mention of this in the datasheet. And to have to find out these hardware limitations trough a release note of a firmware is a bit dodgy to say the least.
A simple astrix on the datasheet regarding limitations to the API would had been the least I would expect.

Luckily we found a different solution with the customer, but I thought you lads could use a warning as well.

Apparently it's not just the 1428 that's run out of juice:

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