Axis Corridor Mode Bracket: Useful Or No?

Axis has a couple of brackets used for mounting their box cameras in outdoor housings in corridor mode (rotated 90 degrees).

The plug is for the heater (which is the metal plate on the left). This bracket mounts to the bottom of the housing where the camera would normally go, with the camera mounted to it.

This got me thinking: how often are cameras being installed outside in corridor mode? How is this rotation handled? In domes, it's mostly a non-issue, assuming the gimbal allows proper aiming.

Installers, what have you done in these cases, if anything?

I've occasionally installed exterior dome cameras in corridor mode/rotated 90 degrees. The few times I can think of were residences where someone wanted to view a long walkway that was close to the mounting location and did not really have a concern with anything else in the possible view when oriented in 16:9 rather than 9:16 ratio. I've had luck with the dome allowing proper, if frustrating, aiming. The most common model I've done this with is the P3367-VE which is ideally ceiling or wall/pendant mounted.

We've installed a lot of corridor mode domes, but never a box or bullet. With a dome, you can't usually tell it is in corridor mode, but a box or bullet rotated 90 degrees would look silly. This bracket would alleviate that.

I think Axis always has the best solution for all my needs. In my opinion Axis corridor mode bracket is very useful.

Do you use them often?