Axis Co-Founder Boasts That Canon 'Solely Focused On Cameras'

Axis Co-founder Martin Gren opined on the Canon acquisition:

"The first time I met, I never thought we'd accept the offer. What we bring to the table is the long-term view. The industry is changing; we're in an era of consolidation. Canon can provide a lot of benefits to access. They are so much bigger and are solely focused on cameras. They focus on high-quality components like lenses and image sensors, and they have a huge patent portfolio.

Canon understands the value in Axis. Canon understands this and they will let us act as an independent company as we do today." [emphasis added]

Though Canon is 'solely focused on cameras', Canon also owns VMS manufacturer, Milestone Systems.

We're in an era of consolidation where VMSes are bundled with cameras.

I think the writing is on the wall with this one...

When a company over sells there go to market strategy about remaining an open platform I begin to wonder. First they want to be able to compete with Avigilon to give software away to buy hardware.

I believe the Japanese will want to reduce cost and not have duplications. If they were smart they would be a closed platform between milestone and Axis and also be open as well. I do believe that the 2 companies will work together to get as much business as they can.