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Axis Auto Reboot

For our construction progress documentation we use Mobotix and Axis. They are setup to take a photo every 15 minutes and ftp to our server. There have been a few times where the Axis has stopped sending photos, only to resume once I have manually rebooted the cam.

Can anyone help with an Axis script that will do this on a scheduled basis?


I haven't tried this myself, but Google came up with this. Hope it helps. This discussion also seems interesting.

Out of all the cameras I have worked with, axis has the record for firmware glitches. The 207 in 2007 would stop recording after 30 days. Downgrade firmware. The 241q in 2008 would send motion events (24 encoders) 10 seconds off to vms. Downgrade to 4.40 firmware. The m3208 cameras since 2010 will freeze up if frame rate over 6 fps. (60 cameras multiple sites). No help available on this. The p3301 camera used for video and audio in interview room 2012 would not sync and would freeze. Upgrade with some custom firmware. I can not recall any such problems with all of the other cameras I have used. (pan, Pelco, arecont, ACTI, Vivotek, hikvision, Vivotek, Bosch, and others).

Check on the firmware or go to a better camera product.