Who Has The Best Pricing On Axis Cameras?

which vendor has the best pricing for axis cameras.


I believe it depends on what route you are taking.

If you are going to become a dealer / Axis partner, your price point would be set by the dealer discount level you qualify for (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) regardless of which major distributor you buy from (generally in the 15 - 25% discount range off MSRP, depending on your level).

If you just want to buy online as a non-partner and get the best price, it is tricker. On the one hand, thousands of online stores sell Axis. However, Axis tries (somewhat) to stop resellers from selling at steep discounts off MSRP. So presumably if one is cited here, Axis would (we hope) shut it down.

We buy Axis cameras online regularly, generally just using Google shopping as the best price can vary based on the specific model being shown. Frequently, you will find store selling Axis at 15% off, which is close to what entry level dealers get.

Hope that helps. If any of this is wrong, please correct me below.

All of that is correct other than (obviously) Axis shutting down online sellers with huge discounts. I've reported a dozen online places selling at huge discounts that my end users are shopping us against. Those sites are still advertising crazy low prices. We primarily sell HanSolosungwin now. Even when you aren't getting price shopped, Axis Gold level dealer discount levels are a joke and insulting. It's not 2008 anymore.

"I've reported a dozen online places selling at huge discounts that my end users are shopping us against."

Good feedback. Do you recall / can you share any of those places?

We primarily sell HanSolosungwin now...

Can you buy direct or are you forced to go thru Jabba? ;)

To answer your question, your national accounts integrators (Tyco, Simplex Grinnell, JCI, Stanley, etc..) they are at the 30% discount off MSRP. Your gold level, i.e. local integrators selling high volumes, are 27% off. National integrators often have high overhead which can drive their prices up for installs, but for box sales they can go pretty low.

Assuming you are an end user and buying your cameras through an authorized partner, it is up to the vendor who sells at the lowest price.

Typically when I've project priced Axis cameras, Anixter usually has given me a little better price than the others (ADI,Scansource, CSC). But that's just in my neck of the woods. ADI has done ok too.