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Awesome Integrated IR On 2MP PTZ 20X Optical - Kudos Ltsecurity / Hikvision

Disclaimer: I certainly do not profess to know everything about cameras. I'm still learning something new everyday and I have network guys on the payroll for a reason!! What I do know is what I want to see, when i switch on the monitor to a camera!

I recently installed LTPTZIP762X20IR from LT SECURITY (I believe it comes from HIKVISION) but not before bench testing it for a few days.

I have NEVER seen such clarity in complete darkness or any LUX measurement for that matter. The ability of the IR's to adapt perfectly without lag to whatever scene I threw at them was truely impressive. I could damn near read the face on a US Quarter from 100'.

IMO a fantastic camera for the right application. 20X optical (4.7mm-94mm) and 12X digital. AWESOME product at a GREAT price.

I have started to buy bits and pieces from LT SECURITY (HIK) over the past six months and I must say their products, packaging, tooling is of excellent quality backed by knowledgeable and professional reps. And just to put the lid on....pricing is very attractive. I understand now why HIKVISION are No. 1. !!

Furthermore, the customer service I have experienced from LTS to date has been exceptionally good and very responsive. Thank you Harry (City of Industry, CA).

Watch out distributors/manufacturers because these guys are 'on the ball'!!

I have no affiliations with any third party in this industry. I just feel a 'shout-out' to the parties above is well deserved.

Talk is inexpensive, let's have at a reel! :)

We're releasing test results of an integrated IR PTZ next week. It's Dahua, not Hikvision, but it should show similar upsides / limitations. We've tested it out to 500 feet in the dark.