Avigilon Sends Out H5A "Critical Firmware Upgrade Advisory"

Avigilon notified partners by email of a "critical firmware update" for H5A cameras. The update does not appear to be a cybersecurity related but can result in a camera permanently disconnecting from Avigilon ACC VMS.

The update addresses an issue related to how ACC identifies a camera can be corrupted:

H5A Camera Line Firmware (v, addresses an issue where the camera’s identifying information (i.e., Part Number, Serial Number, MAC address) can, under some circumstances, become corrupted leading to a permanent loss of communication between the camera and Avigilon Control Center (ACC).

The email notes that the corrupted data can be manually fixed through the camera WebUI, but they "strongly recommend that all H5A cameras be upgraded to version or later".

Also, the email states that the firmware update adds Avigilon's Social Distancing analytics and improved image quality:

Additionally, the H5A Camera Line Firmware (v contains a new feature which when used with ACC 7.8, enables the use of the new Social Distancing analytic feature. This firmware also contains image quality improvements that provides better noise reduction and lower bandwidth in HDR scenes.

Full email body:

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