Avigilon Product Manager Defects To Milestone

The flow of senior managers leaving Avigilon continues.

Earlier this week, we noted that Avigilon's casino director exited.

Now, their former Product Manger in charge of cameras, Ava Parissay, has left Avigilon for rival Milestone Systems as "Senior Products Manager in the Professional Business Unit."

Parissay was at Avigilon for less than 2 years.

Avigilon's previous lead product manager, Rick Ramsay, left Avigilon last year, in 2013.

The outflow of key personnel continues to be one of the biggest issues investors raise about Avigilon's future. Indeed, Avigilon's employee growth dropped dramatically in the most recent Q2 2014 quarter.

An Avigilon proponent has pointed out this Manager left Avigilon in February and started in June. The implication is that the manager was one of the people who couldn't cut it at Avigilon and had to settle for Milestone.

We do not know the reason the person left Avigilon.

Agreed old news

Alex, They need to call you up. Are you ready to move to Vancouver?

Both Alex F & K at the same company?

Hum...Lets turn this around.

Should we be concered about what happend with your ex employees?

Carlton Purvis

Sarit Williams

Alex, don't buy any IPVM stock ;)

                           SS Avigilon

There goes your shot at Avigilon's vacant Casino Director position! ;)

I wouldn't be considered for the job anyway. They were not happy with my evaluation of their VMS:


The Avigilon system is not ideal for Casino Surveillance operations. It appears to be designed for less critical applications that rely on post-incident reviews and little “live” monitoring or PTZ use. Its clip-making process may be acceptable for applications where only occasional video clips are made but will cause headaches for our intensive use.

Looks like people are growing tired of the constant B S.

Another Avigilon employee who got on Shmode's bad side?