Avigilon Has 'Tons' Of Open Jobs But None In Sales?

Avigilon careers twitter account just announced:

What is puzzling is that on the careers page / job listing they direct you to, it has ~40 jobs in a variety of departments but none in sales.

Avigilon must be hiring sales people, right? Are they just hiding them from the jobs page? I know they use a number of recruiters, but one would think they'd at least list some on their main site (I mean they use LinkedIn to advertise for an HR exec and marketing exec).

Related, up until 2 months ago, LinkedIn alerts showed multiple new Avigilon sales people almost every week. However, recently, there have been hardly any.

Any insights?

I have no insights here, but I have found this curious too. I live in Dallas. They have a large enough presence here and I check on them periodically because I think I would like to sell their products. I have never seen a sales position for them in Dallas much less Vancouver either.

Useless comment from me. But I too have found this puzzling.

Dale, thanks. If anyone wants to share which recruiters Avigilon uses, please do. I've heard some names but sure of what's current.

Well they are apparently hiring Senior Sales Recruiters in the Dallas area. Only one line in the job description seemed to indicate their method of recruitment:

Demonstrated success in sourcing passive candidates, professional pipeline development, use of social networking tools and direct sourcing methods for recruiting;

Sourcing passive candidates is the head-hunting equivalent of 'cold-calling' in sales. 15 years ago, passively sourcing meant (among other things), being an expert at voicemail tree mapping and the intricacies of PBX extension routing (ATT 5ESS). Today due to the exponentially increased visibility (LinkedIn) of gainfully employed passive candidates, the methods are different, but still just as actively annoying to those not interested.

I'm not sure what's implied by 'direct sourcing', but it sounds like fun.

LinkedIn has returned a new sales employee at Avigilon, but this is the first new one listed in a few weeks. He is a Business Development Manager, Strategic Alliances- North America, before that he was at AMAG and UTC.

I had a check on the careers page of a major test compliance house in China. Shame as I expected all they wanted was sales!

I think it's a good sign. Enough with the selling how about some engineering to keep up. Get some great technology and engineering with all that cash.