Avigilon To End Of Life All Videoiq Products

First the brand was killed and now the products are all being discontinued.

More inside.

Avigilon has sent out a notice that effectively Nov 30, 2014, they are discontinuing the entire product line including the relatively new Rialto, VideoIQ HD cameras and their encoders.

What Next for VideoIQ Technology?

The letter, weirdly, does not explain what will happen to VideoIQ's analytics. Presumably, though, the analytics will carry on, either added to Avigilon's own product lines or perhaps simply rebranded as Avigilon.

Impact on Dealers

What is clear is that integrators who want to sell / offer VideoIQ analytics need to become full fledged Avigilon dealers.

Avigilon, unlike VideoIQ, maintains a very tightly controlled channel, restricting the total number of dealers in a region and emphasizing meeting quotas (or getting kicked out).

For an integrator who just wants analytics from Avigilon / VideoIQ, this is likely to be a problem as Avigilon would likely find such a company to be an unattractive dealer.

However, for Avigilon, restricting the analytics supply should help motivate some integrators who want their analytics to buy their cameras and VMS too.

Impact on Customers / Users

For those end users with VideoIQ installed, this will complicate support / replacements. It seems likely that sooner rather than later, it will become very hard to find replacement parts. Also, because of the dealer restrictions, one's traditional integrator may not be able to support / buy whatever new analytic products Avigilon releases to replace traditional VideoIQ parts.

VideoIQ Alternatives

Unfortunately, there are not many clear cut alternatives to VideoIQ's turnkey, minimal setup, moderate cost, high accuracy analytics. See our Market Guide and Favorite Video Analytics 2014 for more on this.

In terms of specific vendors, DVTel / ioimage might be the closest comparable, given that they offer 'smart cameras'. Axis tripwire / adds on (like Agent VI) are gaining ground. Sightlogix is respected but expensive.

Curiously, the VideoIQ.com website shows no indication of either the name change or the EOL declaration by Avigilon.

On the Avigilon website, their video analytics section does not mention VideoIQ at all.

As for the EOL declaration, it just went out and is not something manufacturers typically like to broadcast.

The single channel encoder and hd camera will be discontinued. The rialtos will be available to avigilon dealers.

From the letter:

"Although all the products are being discontinued, for greater clarity please note that this includes, among other things:

    • VideoIQ Rialto appliances (Rialto A4, Rialto I4, and Rialto R-Series)
    • ICVR HD Cameras
    • ICVR encoders"

That said, I think it makes sense for Rialto to continue to be made available, perhaps simply relabelled as "Avigilon Rialto".

Btw, one thing a few VideoIQ dealers have discussed with us is whether one buys VideoIQ cameras now for new projects, given that they are definitely being end of lifed.

It would seem best to wait for the Avigilon replacement camera rather than get a camera that is unlikely to have very scarce replacement units available in the near future.

The other interesting element is that VideoIQ analytics were fairly broadly supported by third party VMSes (see tech partners list). Will the new Avigilon cameras keep those integrations in tact? Will they need to be re-done? Will they allow it?

Unfortunately, it seems like a good strategy on their part to keep it Avigilon dealer only. I suppose it all depends on how much revenue they stand to lose by doing so versus what they will gain in forcing all of the integrators to either adapt or move on.

Avigilon advised me they are not loading analtyics into any of their cameras. Rather the analtyics will be handled by the rialto -i model where "any" ip camera can be streamed to. At sd resolution 4 cameras, at hd resolution 2 cameras.

Let's see what happens at ASIS. I just can't imagine they are going to kill it totally.

A camera with integrated analytics was one of VideoIQ's key competitive advantages so it only makes sense that they would replace it with one of their own.

The newsletter was probably not as informative as it could have been or could have been better worded. I was also advised by rep that the rialto unit was not really going away, it was just being renamed as an Avigilon unit. But you will need to be an Avigilon certified dealer to get it.

I agree with what you are saying, I had the new unit in hand a couple weeks ago and it did not say Rialto on the unit, it said Avigilon (both on the unit and on the software). BTW, I was impressed with how well it worked.

That's a shame, the ICVR and Rialto were good products, I liked them.

I'm not sure how buying VideoIQ and then mothballing their entire product line helps the bottom line at Avigilon, especially since they weren't a competitor but a complimentary product.

Too bad BRK isn't here to comment...

Avigilon just sent out an email promoting their ASIS 2014 exhibits. The lead item was 'Avigilon's Rialto'.

I will still miss the ICVR, it was a clever niche product.

I assume that now you can only access the Rialto product only if you are an Avigilon dealer, correct?

My understanding is that you can continue to buy the VideoIQ branded ones, through traditional distribution until they sell out or the end of November.

John is correct, distribution still has stock.

Seems so, though an integrator can always buy one from an authorized dealer I guess, like an end user.

That's probably a selling point / advantage to Avigilon authorized dealers going forward. If somebody locally just wants to be a few Rialtos, they have to buy from the local Avigilon dealer, who can make some easy money marking them up.

Update: Avigilon has released their own analytic cameras, based on VideoIQ analytics.

John or anybody with the knowledge,

My company has 30 VideoIQ VIQ-HD-CRD275-3-8-MF-LT units. We have some field test going but the field of view is too wide. Since they bare discontinued where can we find different lens to get a closer FoV? WE are going to out a lot of money unless we find a way to convert.

I am very new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated..


Just an update to the discussion, Brian is helping Will offline.