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Avigilon Claims They Are First To Offer Proactive Surveillance Systems.

Reading thru an otherwise uneventful Avigilon press release, Securing the Super Bowl, I came across this strange assertion:

I have also seen how Avigilon software has been instrumental in investigating situations live or recorded in literally seconds. With that kind of response time, the Avigilon solution can be just as much as a proactive tool as a retrospective tool - which was what video surveillance systems were previously limited to.

Is there another interpretation besides "before Avigilon, there were no systems that could enable real-time decision making and deployment"?

What else could it mean? Ironically, the earliest cctv systems were only live monitored, because there was no way to record yet.

I'd cut them some slack here. It's a puff piece posted on their own site by an regional sales guy who has been at Avigilon for less than 2 years.

The 'big' win here is having one's sytem at the site of the Super Bowl. Everything else is noise...

I agree with John,

Its just a case study and you must read it with that in mind.

Every case study by any company has some big words that do not exactly touch base.

I'd cut them some slack here.

did I just really read that? John you may want to change your password I think someone is writing posts under your account... i had to do a snagit of that so i can look back on it later ;)

Imagine my shock...

I chalked it up to John being a huge football fan, and made a mental note never to post any gridiron related material 24 hours before kickoff again...

Am I missing something here? Is the Avigilon software clairvoyant, or does someone not know the definition of "proactive"?

"Reactive" will be Avigilon when they realize their competitor owns the integrator.


Avigilon has realeased/about to release the mobile app ver 2.0 that support push notification and alarms managment from your mobile device.

Maybe this is what its all about :)

I got a message that it should be available already but its not yet in the app stores.

Maybe this is what its all about :)

Yeah, supposed to be the first app supporting 'Proactive Push', you slide a slider saying how many minutes before an event you want to be notified...

Surely that's covered in one of the BRS Lab patents they acquired...

"Proactive surveillance" is just continuing the VideoIQ line of marketing; it's nothing new. They were saying it since at least 2010: