Avigilon Casino Director Exits

Enterprise sales are a key part of Avigilon's growth strategy.

While relatively few in number, casinos are 'whale' customers for surveillance manufacturers, with multi-million dollar projects being the norm.

Over the past few years, Avigilon has cited casinos as a growth market for them.

Now, Avigilon Business Development Director of Global Gaming, Douglas Florence has exited, taking a VP position at eConnect, a security company that "combines financial transactional analysis with visual verification."

Florence's new company, eConnect, issued a press release about his hiring and they very prominently touted his previous stay at Avigilon.

Douglas is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge about gaming, and for many years was a unique presence on the video surveillance manufacturer side of the business. Several years with NICE (I have this permanent image of him at ISC West for a few years wearing his Tommy Bahama sytle shirt with the casino theme print, while everyone else at NICE wore the company shirts), then Avigilon, after having worked for casinos in Vegas for a number of years.

I had the opportunity to work with him and present to end users together, and it was fun. Working for the right manufacturer, with the right management, he could have been a very valuable role player for a long time. But he went to work for Avigilon...need I say more?