Avigilon Begins Marketing Access Control

6 months after Avigilon acquired access control provider RedCloud, the first evidence of blended platforms has hit Avigilon's website:

Interestingly, it appears Avigilon has dropped all reference to the RedCloud brand. However, this is not surprising since RedCloud was not very well known.

Other notable aspects of the generically named 'Avigilon Access Control' platform:

  • Avigilon has kept RedCloud's "IT-centric" marketing message, emphasizing aspects like "seamless integration with your existing IT systems" as one of its key features, virtually unchanged from RedCloud's marketing.
  • Like RedCloud, it appears Avigilon's platform will be broken into three tiers and be available on pre-installed servers or 'software only' versions on VM partitions.
  • The platform will continue to work with Mercury Security and HID controllers. No Avigilon door controller yet. Even more compelling: Will Avigilon Access work with Axis' A1001 'open' controller?
  • Digital Video Integration is addressed, but no concrete details are given in how Access will be supported in ACC, or vice versa.

Availability is also not addressed, but the acquisition is indeed showing movement. Latest word we've received is that Q1 2014 is the expected kick off.

What do you think? What stands out to you? Feedback/Questions? Please share below!