Avigilon Amateur Investor Wants RMCP And FBI To Raid IPVM

Sometimes the level of stupidity is simply astounding yet hilarious.

Money quote:

"The headline's about markups and was tweeted right around the open, but I wouldn't put a lot of faith in something like that since markups and discounts typically vary from customer to customer, based on volumes and other factors.

If I were Avigilon, I would contect the OSC [Ontario Securities Commission] about that too and start an internal investigation to try and find out who might be leaking this type of information.

IPVM might be state-side, but the OSC has the power to engage the RCMP and FBI as part of their investigations if needed. Having those folks raid you might be enough to knock a little sense into you"

So an IPVM article that ranked Avigilon as being more profitable for dealers than Axis and Hikvision is the scapegoat for the morning's stock price fall. Of course, he admitted, he had not read the article.

I repeat: Fool's Bet: Amateur Stock Investing

The Mounties have limited jurisdiction in Hawaii. ;)

Who says John is still in Hawaii?

If the Mounties are coming, trust me, he'll be there.

A rouge RCMP raid would double IPVM's membership overnight, thus driving down Avigilon's stock even further.

I'm not clear what it is the OSC is supposed to be investigating... IPVM's source of information on Avigilon markups?

Well the FIRST SENTENCE of the article is "100+ integrators told IPVM their top camera lines and their average markups."

So there you go, mystery solved. I should be working for the SEC.

Matt, presumably the investing expert didn't get to the first sentence of the article. Why bother to read sentences when you can make all sorts of deductions from the headline?

Although I shudder to think what would have happened if the investing expert had thought through the implications of the 30% statistic buried in the thread. The expert would have called for 200+ national investigative agencies to look for these leakers.

He's most likely on the run after this...terrified for his life :-)...

Schmode strikes again...

Stockhouse is like the junior leagues of SNL sketch writers or UFO chasers. Everyone there has some kind of odd conspiracy theory or tilted interpretation of normal events.

The AVO message board has 10 times the passion of any IPVM discussion on Avigilon, with the added benefit of a much more diverse audience (I think several of the investors know nothing at all about the security market).

Must be a comment from one of those legal marijuana states If I was a Mountie would jump at the chance for an investigation in Hawaii. Especially now when it is cold up north. Maybe that is the motivation for the comment? Avigilon does not need John to make their stock crater. They can do it all by themselves.


This absolutely made my week... and it's only Monday!

hat tip to UD1 - brilliant!

funniest meme of the year candidate frontrunner :)

thanks, but I learned it all from you!

This sketch-artist enhanced photo, taken from the Avigilon Most Wanted List, was no doubt crucial in making the ID. ;)

What's the PPF on that? And can we determine if it was captured with an HDcctv camera from 6 feet away, or a 7k Avigilon camera at 2km?

Good eye!

Yes, I think that match have been made by an Avigilon camera, running a pre-release version of their Facial Hair Recognition algorithm, acquired earlier in the year from OV.

As you may be aware, use of facial hair as a biomarker is growing daily because of the multitude of data points available, as well as a built-in time stamping, e.g. 5 o'clock shadow, allowing LE to determine identities as well as before/after sequences.

In this case the system most likely triggered on a match found in their Catalog of Mustaches and Beards, or COMB.

The current trend of man buns and hipster beards has certainly made field testing easier!