Audio Out Connector For NVR

With the NVR having a BNC audio out, what cable/connector is best to use to connect to speaker. Also, what speaker do you commonly use for monitoring live and playback directly from the NVR? The NVR is Hik 7716 and the audio monitoring is for the purpose of listening to employee/customer interactions at a service desk.

BNC or RCA jacks imply line-level (unamplified) outputs.

You'll need an amplifier, one approach is to use PC speakers, which have built-in amplifiers.

If you have a particular speaker you want to connect to, then you'd need a small amp. Class T amps are good for this purpose. Small, cheap, powerful (relatively speaking).

You should be able to find BNC to RCA adapters, and many amps will take RCA inputs.

Assuming you are connecting to a powered speaker in the same room with the NVR, and that the powered speaker has an RCA input, you can just use a cheap A/V (two conductor, RCA to RCA) cable with an adapter like this: (Pictures not to scale)

Thanks guys. I will use the pc speakers with the adapter. All of the pc speakers I found readily available (Walmart) had 3.5mm jacks. I do have a 3.5 to RCA so I will try that approach.