Attn Sales And Management... How Many Of Your Sales Are From Self Generated Opps Vs Company Leads?

We are growing, and I'm wondering what everyone elses standards are for the prospecting and hunting side of the sales equation. Are freshman sales people generally expected to bring their own business? Strictly run leads as they come in through tracked lead generation methods? 60/40? For my purposes Im looking at strictly commercial business, video/access/burg/fire, but Im sure the resi guys would also like to know the standards on a grander scale... I'm finding it harder and harder to keep fresh leads coming in without obliterating our cost per opportunity.

Armando, good question. See: Sales Leads Survey Results

Is there anything you guys HAVEN'T done a survey on? NICE!

Still curious to see a percentage from anyone out there.

From the survey, for integrators, the general breakdown was roughly 60% word of mouth, 30% networking, 10% everything. This does not mean it is right or optimal, but it seems to be most common.

My feeling is that a large percentage of very qualified leads can come from our vendors, providing the SI is properly engaged and has built the correct type of relationship (beneficial to both parties). Just my 2 cents

For new sales people with our branch, I tend to set them up with 3-4 solid leads early on, and the rest is up to them to seek out and develop from scratch (though with significant assistance from a senior sales person and the sales engineering team obviously)

Are freshman sales people generally expected to bring their own business?

Do you mean veteran freshmen or freshmen freshmen?

both... As we grow we obviously look for existing talent with experience and a book of relationships, but we also accept that we have to grow some of our own if the right person comes along. Despite all the tech, its still a people business.