ASIS Price Increase

Like many ASIS members, I received an email this morning announcing a $45/year increase in member dues. See snippet below:

A thorough financial review undertaken by the ASIS Board of Directors has determined a need to implement a dues increase of $45—to $195 annually—effective January 1, 2014. Our dues were last raised in 2003.

Prior to making this decision, the Board thoroughly explored all alternatives to this action, but determined that this is necessary if ASIS is to continue to provide the scope, breadth, and quality of current services, while also building offerings for future generations in the profession. A few of our major membership-related developments since 2003 are:

  • 38,000 members today vs. 33,000 in 2003
  • 45 newly chartered chapters since 2003
  • Four Regional Advisory Councils created—Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Latin America
  • Eight new Standards published since the program began in 2008
  • Eight new Guidelines published since 2003
  • CSO Roundtable established to meet the needs of senior security professionals from the largest and most influential organizations in the world
  • Two new certifications introduced in 2003—PCI and PSP
  • Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East Bureaus opened
  • Three global conferences added—New York, Asia-Pacific, Middle East
  • Digital offering of Security Management magazine
  • Increased offerings of alternative education delivery systems for members, i.e., webinars

ASIS cites growing membership, an increase in costs since the last increase (2003) and an expansion/enhancement of services as justification for the increase. Informally, I'd like to know what do you think. If you're an ASIS member, how receptive are you to the increase?

I just received it. I am also a member of other organisations one being Project Management Institute and their annual fee is 130$. PMI has more than 700000 members globally. So the quesiton one asks is, if chapters are self funding, the big shows are sponsored by vendors, where is all the cost going if membership has increased.

No way am I going to pay more for what basically equates to nothing. When the ASIS CEO makes 650K a year I am thinking they really don't need an extra $45 a year from all my crew. So right there is a loss of $1,950 a year for them and $1,950 savings a year fro me. Money that can go to actual training instead of a worthless magazine each month. I am guessing we won't be the only ones.

  • Two new certifications introduced in 2003—PCI and PSP

No new certs introduced in 10 years?

Marty, you really are a glass half empty type of guy!

For the first 5 years I would give them the benefit of the doubt and call the glass half full... so it's been half empty since 2008.

Put anything in a glass and let it sit for 10 years and its bound to get stale - regardless of its volume in relation to the total capacity of the glass. :)

I would be ok with this price increase if I was able to get a free golf outing of the increase but I take it that's not going to happen. In other ASIS news, ASIS 2014 will be held in.......Atlanta!!

Atlanta's not bad! Though kind of a creepy downtown.