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Arecont Panamorph Dewarping With Exacq

Hello all

So the design was to use two Arecont AV5424DN-01 with Exacq. I am familiar with FE8174 from vivotek and how exacq dewarp that camera. When using "Panamorph" camera doesn't seem to dewarp it like the fish-eye camera from vivotek. It stays a fish-eye lens and then you can PTZ into it. Still doesn't appear to be as functional as fish-eye.

Does anyone have experience with Exacq and Panamorph cameras like AV5424DN-01.

I've contacted Exacq and Arecont and they say it is working as intended. Ive tried every setting in exacq to see if I can get it to work like vivotek fish-eye with no avail.

I'm personally thinking of returning it for a fish-eye camera instead. For ease of use for customer. I guess it my mistake in assuming that work the same. :(

Wondering if I am missing something.

Thanks for any advice in advance. (seem only good advice I get is from IPVM!)

Hi Lee, are you able to share a sample image from the camera, both the warped overview and once it's dewarped? It may help to figure this one out. We did test the Brickcom panomorph minidome and it worked fine with Exacq, and the Arecont model should, as well.

You should be able to add the camera to Exacq, go to the digital zoom tab, and under digital zoom type, select "panomorph", ceiling or wall mount orientation, and then what dewarping style you'd like by default (panorama or dewarp). See this video at about 3:30:

Note that that video is the older, non-tabbed, Exacq setup screen so it looks a little different but options are the same.

One thing to note: with the Panomorph lenses, if the lens isn't oriented right, the VMS will not dewarp it. The ellipse should mostly fit into the frame like the image below or it may not detect it as a panomorph lens. It can be cut off top and bottom a little bit, but from what I've seen the sides should not be cut off. You'll have to physically turn the lens if it's not aligned properly.

Thanks Ethan! That was helpful. So got it figured out. But Arecont is just a megaball2 with a immervision lens installed. So i had it setup correctly but just extremely out of focus from the box. Also it doesn't flatten out right away until you zoom in which was just different then my Vivotek I was use to.

So took me about hour and half with two guys. Focusing correcting the oval shap and messing with brightness and gamma on camera side. Now all is good.

Wondering when I dewarp on the Vivotek fisheye is it doing that camera side or is it VMS? IF it is camera side dewarping then maybe that why I get flatten image right away vs imervision lens.

Thanks for help again.

No problem. The difference you're seeing in the dewarping vs. not is based on the specific dewarping SDK. Vivotek zooms in and flattens immediately. The ImmerVision SDK doesn't. You have to zoom first. I actually find that sort of strange, as well.

Vivotek has a couple of new models which dewarp on the camera, but if you're selecting dewarp from Exacq, it's client side. The FE8172 and FE8181 are both client side.