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Looking For Remote Monitoring Providers?

I have a few clients interested in 24/7 video monitoring. Any ideas??

VSaaS typically refers to companies recording video in the cloud and providing remote access so they can look / monitor themselves (e.g., Dropcam).

Do you want that or some third party to have operators that watch video for you 24/7 and respond to events?

We would like to have the operators watching the video LIVE 24/7


What you're looking for would actually be more likely referred to as Remote Monitoring. There are a great many security companies that offer this service. Many of them have affiliate or partner programs with installer/service companies. I'm sure some folks on here can point you the way though the title is a bit misleading as VSaaS/Cloud is usually a Do-It-Yourself kind of thing as John mentioned above. Either that or it's just a component of what the above type remote monitoring services above use/offer.



Hello Offie:

What type of alarm responses are you looking for? It is for site perimeter intrusion? Would all cameras need to be monitored or a few at the various sites?

There are two services that come to mind.

CentralizedVision - Centralized Vision

ViewPoint - Business Security Solutions from Viewpoint Monitoring

I've worked with both and prefer CV.