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Are Most Cameras Setup Using DHCP?

If not, what subnets are most used, 192.168.x.x or 10.x.x.x or 176.16-31.x.x, or other?

Background reference: Dynamic vs. Static IP Addresses

I remember doing a poll at some point and static winning by far but can't find it.

Here's a new one:

Static. I've found that it depends on the VMS manufacturer's recommendation. Our old system used 192.168.0, .2 and .4. Our new system uses 10.5.1 through .6.

static... what ever IT department assignes us.

the problem with dhcp if poe camera ever resets and you setup client software on pc you minght need to make a trip to find the new ip of the camera.

I've never seen an installation, on a private LAN for video, using dynamic IP addresses in my 10+ years of industry. DHCP can be used to access a server for LIVE viewing through internet but then you will need a DNS service provider because dynamic IP can change...Some manufacturers offer this service for free...