Are Email Campaigns And Notifications Getting Out Of Hand?

Just taking a survey here of everyone, and this is not a knock on any one vendor or website, but I am being inundated with email. I understand email campaigns are the marketing tool of choice, but it is all day, every day. There are hours I can't even finish reading one before another comes in. I like to read and respond as soon as I can. My customers are accustomed to it. It may not be a problem for some, but I don't text a lot. I eat email. But soon I am going to have to set up some rules and policies for email. How do others handle email?

Yes they are but I'm not sure what the alternative is because some of it I want to receive. It's a part time job to manage them but I open them all, select the unsubscribe on those I don't want to receive more from and then I file others that I want to read later or have available for later reference.

Part time job is right. And again, no reflection on any one company or organization. It seems like I get 3 or 4 per day from some.

As someone who sends a lot of email, it is because email works way better than anything else for reaching people.

I keep subscriptions for most things in video surveillance but have aggressively unlisted other generic / news / commerce type ones.

As we talked about in the Longse spam post, it is not that big a deal if it easy to unsubscribe (single click, etc.) but some make it really hard. My bank sends me daily discounts on sausages and tennis rackets and other absurd things and they make it kind of impossible to get off it....

to be fair, no one is any worse than another, but the collective is just overwhelming sometimes. I can get a handful from a customer (different people) about the same issue. Or my personal favorite, CC. Then you get tons of opinions that are not of the same mind. It seems as though email has become one of the ways to discuss things in an online manner. It really was not invented for that.

I have a filter for such kind of low importance emails that moves them to a "News" folder. Thus they do not mess with other emails and I can read them when I have time for it.

considering a number of filters and queries K.

I use MS Outlook and it is one filter that moves letters to the specified folder after arrival when the sender is on a list. Sometimes it can be tricky when companies using mass sending services like mailchimp but in such kind of cases I usually add them to a list as a template like *@*