Are CVI PTZ's Better Than IP PTZ's?

Anyone have any experience with CVI/TVI vs IP PTZ's, especially when used by live operators?

Since both Dah and Hik have CVI/TVI models that have identical IP counterparts, I'm wondering, do the Analog HD models offer a superior environment for the PTZ operator than IP ones?

The advantages for CVI I see, (assuming monitoring directly on the recorder and up the coax vs IP for PTZ control.

  1. Video latency reduced more than 300ms
  2. Ptz command latency reduced more than 300ms
  3. In bound and outbound audio reduced
  4. No compression artifacts
  5. Elimination of pauses and jitter
  6. 20% cheaper


  1. Seperate power required/No POE

If you are running a room of operators, then perhaps you would get 1ch encoders for each operator station. This would also offload the encoding burden from the recorder.

From an operator point of view, Analog HD I'm guessing would be much better.