Are All Image Sensors 'Digital' ?

A class member wrote in this question:

"Are all imagers digital for both analogue and IP?

I am trying to understand some basic principles of theory as it relates to digital image sensors.

Is it true that analogue uses alike digital sensor chips (lower pixels) as an IP camera? Analogue is digital capture hind lens then converts back to analogue then to digital capture board? I am understanding that correlation correctly hence the poor video quality with analogue? Then IP is all digital signals correct?"

Howdy Brian!

I may have seemed pretty sure of myself when I answered but assuredly I was just speaking out my hat as they say.

Is there a 'canonical' answer that you might share before this post degrades into search compost?

No, not if you use digital in the usual way. Just cuz its a silicon chip dont make it digital. Digital implies sampling if there is no sampling then there is no 1s and 0s and therefore no 'digits'.