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Who Can Do Custom Software Development With Surveillance Apis?

Is anyone familiar with SDK's or API's and or know companies who specialize in the field? Axis and Bosch (amongst others) have offered the ability to use an SDK or API to integrate their products with others or to develop special applications with their hardware...

Are you looking for a firm to do custom development using those APIs?

Background for others on the general topic: API / SDK Tutorial

Hi John

Looking for firms that have, currently and do custom development specifically for IP Cameras and VMS's. The Bosch Divar Classic had SDK's available for customers to integrate say a POS system into their machine.

Are SDK's and API's something without profeesional prgraming experience could do? If so how would they be modified or programmed? What software if any?

Thank you for the link... had not seen that article prior.

Maybe Evercam?


Here's the Bosch Divar SDK datasheet. It looks like an older SDK as it lists "C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, VBScript and JavaScript." The next big question is how well documented it is and what type of support will they provide?

You cannot do this without real programing experience, especially an older, likely poorly documented one with no real help online (it's not like you can just search on StackExchange and solve issues with their SDK).

Maybe Bosch has a recommendation on a development firm with experience with this? You might want to try one of the Russian software development firms that specialize in surveillance. Take a look at the guys behind this: Ready to Go ONVIF 'Kit'

I am sure there are a handful of people who specialize this and maybe someone will suggest them here.

Bottom line - get someone with experience with older DVR SDKs and you'll be better off.


I know that Shaun Castillo posts on here frequently. Shaun's organization has an indepth knowledge of SDK and API development.

John, if you want to pass along his contact information to Jason Video, maybe Pref Tech can help?