Anyone Using The Pelco Spectra HD?

A member is asking for feedback. Anyone deployed the Pelco Spectra HD? In particular, the new 1080p model? Are you happy? sad? etc.

I just received one today out of a total of six ordered. I connected it to an exacqvision server (client ver. 5.2) and it immediately disconnected indicating video loss. On Exacq's website it lists known problems with Pelco firmware version and client version 5.2. Exacq recommends version 4.9 which is an older one.

Are you having issues? Video loss or another problem?

One of my dealers installs a fair number of them and says they are quite nice. I don't have much first-hand experience, but from what I've seen of their web UI and playing with a couple of installed cams they seem pretty decent.

Same issue here but with the older version S5118. Was working fine, upgraded to 5.2 and it stopped working. Second time this has happened to me, last time it was Sentry360/Exacq. Sticky situation when you upgrade someone and cameras stop working. I haven't used the new Spectra HD yet but I have them specified in an upcoming Pelco/Exacq job. May have to make a change.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I am a Sales Engineer over at Exacq, and I can help you out with your Pelco issues.

If you guys want to contact Exacq tech support, they have a software version that will temporarily fix the issue. In June of 2012 Exacq released version 4.11, which added support for a new feature of Pelco firmware 1.8, RTP over TCP. Part of TCP’s guaranteed delivery protocol includes the ability of the receiver to tell the sender to pause transmitting packets. Through a collaborative effort of Pelco and Exacq, we were able to determine situations in which firmware 1.8 did not send the proper pause response, which would stall the connection. Pelco has stated they are fixing the issue, but did not have a firm time line on when that would be available. So Exacq is making a short term fix which can be found in a dev release. You can get access to that dev release by calling tech support. We want to make sure we have track of everyone that has this dev release so when the fix comes out, we can notify everyone using this temporary fix and get them up to the full released version.

I've messed around with a few demo units, the picture is definitely nice, but theyre pretty costly, and I absolutely loathe Pelco's WebUI (admittedly this is probably more of a personal preference than it being that bad)...

Sean --

I would appreciate to get your contact information to initiate a dialog with my Product Management team on the Web UI. Can you please contact me at

We are using quite a few of the 1 MP D5118 model. Overall they work well but are quite laggy in their PTZ response, and the zoom is incredebly slow compared to older Spectra models.

Exacq came up with a solution (temporarily) to the video loss issue with the Pelco 1080p - We installed a previous version of client software(4.9) and the camera worked fine, no video loss.

Our next issue is to get the dual streaming working (which our client wants). Currently Exacq's 5.2 version does not support this cameras 2nd stream.

We are installing them in the next several weeks, dual streaming aside, I will let you know of any other issues.

I'm not too happy with the multistreaming on any of Pelco's Sarix cameras. The choices for the second stream are very limited and dependent on the settings for the primary stream.

I agree with Ryan on that as well, I have had a heck of a time A) getting the second stream to work consistently with Genetec or ONSSI, or B) been handcuffed by the setting options of the camera. Also I have seen multiple situations where if more than 3-4 users are trying to view the same Sarix camera at the same time, it just reboots itself. Good luck Tim!