Anyone Using Sony Hybrid Cameras?

Last year, Sony released a line of hybrid cameras that integrate an Ethernet over Coax adapter into the camera itself (see our review of it).

Is anyone using them? Any particularly good or bad experiences with them?

A member is considering them and is hoping for some feedback.

You'll most likely need a P7701 decoder Ross. The decoder just pulls another video stream from the camera through the network and does not have to be tied to the Lenel system. It has a DVI and composite video output. Axis cameras can support up to five connections so the VMS will pull one stream over the network between the camera and your VMS server and they decoder will put another stream between the camera and decoder.

John I think you hit the nail on the head. I want the least amount of pieces/parts possible to do what I need to. If the AIXS Decoder does not do the trick it is back to checking out the Sony's!

Ethan - I had to go back and check my notes since it was a few months ago I was working with the Ipela demo kit in the lab. If you want simultaneous IP and anlog video, then yes, you can use the analog port on the eBridge to view the analog output while sending digital output via the RJ-45 connection.

I guess it will work for Ross' scenario, but it's a long way around with a more expensive camera and an eBridge unit. It would be easier and more economical to use a different Sony or Panasonic camera that has a built-in aux analog port like pictured above. Plus he has issues with Lenel OnGuard not supporting the Ipela Hybrid. Aside from that, it would work. I stand corrected and will sit that way too...

Attached is sheet from an instruction book I put together for our sales staff on how to set up our Ipela Hybrid demo cam that might illustrate it better

John, I was under the impression the hybrid cameras sent data and analog video over that cable, like so?

The eBridge also shows an "optional composite video connection to monitor".

Shoot. I will try it and let you know what I find.

With Axis, they only way to do this would be by using a decoder. They don't have any models with an analog output that I am aware of.

Ross - I think the decoder would need to be connected to the Lenel VMS if you are also recording from the camera.

Thanks John and Jason! AXIS is our standard, but we have not had much luck with ENcoders in the Lenel OnGuard system. This would be a seperate stream going to the decoder though (right?). So technically the decoder does not have anything to do with the VMS in which case I am willing to give it a shot! Especially since I have a few older AXIS 292 decoders left over from our old system.....

Ross - If you have Axis cameras you can use the Axis decoder to plug it into pretty much any LCD. We've done this at quite a few locations. The decoder isn't too expensive you can probably pick it up online and install it your self it's fairly simple.

Ross - a lot of the older Sony cameras have the aux analog output. I know some of the Panasonic cameras do too. So you probably dont' need to wait for Lenel to write the code.

Here in my lab I have an older Sony SNC-CH240 and a Panasonic WV-SP508 that both have analog monitor outputs. The Sony is BMC and the Panasonic is an RCA connector. See picture below.

Thanks John, I am guessing it will be a year or more before these new Sony's will be written into Lenel OnGuard so they won't help me now!

Ross - No, the Sony Ipela Hybrid wouldn't work for that application. If you are looking for an IP camera that also has a separate analog output, many of the Sony IP cameras have this feature. The new Sony 6th Generation cameras have this feature, see Ethan Ace's recent article on them in the articles section of IPVM. If you look at the physical comparison video in the article you can see the aux analog port on the back of each. You can plug the CAT6 cable into RJ-45 network port (and power it with PoE) to your IP surveillance network/VMS and then run a coax cable from the analog output to an analog monitor for the employees close by.

Would these work for a spot monitor situation? We have tool crib doors in numerous facilities and the contractors/vendors ring a door bell for access. This causes the employees to stop what they are doing and get up to answer the door. We are going to put a card reader at their desk that they will be able to look at the monitor, confirm who it is and then flash their badge to cut power to the strike/mag lock and open the door. I am having an issue finding a cost effective way to get the signal to a monitor by them and also into our VMS. I am sure they will not be written into our VMS, but still.....

I don’t want them to look at the cameras at their own stations I want a stand-alone monitor on their desks.

Yes, we are using them in a retrofit sitauation for a correctional facility. Repacing the existing cabling is out of the question due to the nature of the facility and the interruption to operations it would cause, not to mention the expense. There is no room for media converters in the existing junction boxes and there are some parts of the facility that are still operating on analog and are in the process of switching to IP as soon as their IT department can deliver the network infrastructure, so those will still using the analog feature of the camera for a while.

I've seen them in action but we have not sold any of them yet though I have some customers I know are looking to change out soon and that's in the forefront of my mind.

Thanks, Duncan!

I have used a bunch of them and they are great for retrofit appications. Easy to insall and sure beats running new cable everywhere. As a spec for our organizatioin as analog camers die we replace them with Sony Hybrid models to future proof the replacement.