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The Lowest Cost Access / Video Solution? Is NLSS It?

We have a 150 camera project along with 50 doors where video / access integration is key. They do not need to maintain legacy systems so we can consider new combinations of products.

So far, it seems that Next Level (NLSS) is by far the least expensive because both video and access are built into their box and they do not have per camera / per door licensing - i.e., just the cost of the appliance.

Are there any end-users or integrators out there using Next Level currently? Video only, access control only or both? Is the software easy or cumbersome to use? Good support?

Do you have any alternatives for us to consider?

Bump. Any integrator or end-user using or ever used Next Level before?

Is cost your driving factor?

Yes cost is a big driving factor. However if other users experience has been bad with NLSS, then I would go in a different direction.

If price is your only consideration, I don't think you should make up your mind based on per camera/per door licensing. This can be insignificant versus the cost of:

- door controlllers (I've seen 2-door controlllers that vary from $300 to $2,000)

- Readers (again, huge variations depending on the technology and brand)

- Wiring, labor, conduit, etc....

- door hardware used (strikes, mag locks, WIFI all-in-one locks such as Salto, etc...)

- access control software (could be "free" all the way to thousands, depending on the platform)

- integration costs between access/video platforms (some platforms charge just to turn "on" the integration feature)

- cameras used

- server costs (some brands have no license cost but are 2X more expensive than a COS server)

So acutal software licensing costs on a project such as you describe could be small versus all the rest. I think that you need to look at a product solution globally and bring all costs into consideration before making a decision.

We don't have any experience with Next Level but since you are asking for alternatives you could look into infinias they offer access control and video integrated into a vms platform... I can't be much help on the video side of their product as we have never used it but we use their access product... just a thought...