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Anyone Used A Axis F44 With Milestone?

I don't see that particular unit listed in the supported hardware list for Milestone Professional. I assume that Onvif will work though. Also just trying to verify that this thing will use one licence for all four sensor units.

A question was raised about licensing for Axis' new 4 channel F series offering, which supports up to (4) 1080p imagers/cameras. Milestone confirmed that this would require just 1 license. Given that this series supports imagers / cameras up to 39 feet away, it is an interesting offering for those looking for license cost reduction. - John Honovich

Amos, Chris,

The Axis F series camera will stream all of the 4 cameras as one image. while that may work for some it doesn't fit all applications.

I hope that helps.

Though it also streams them individually, no?

Interesting, I wonder why Axis tech support told me otherwise when I called to inquire about this last week...

Thanks for the enlightenment.