Anyone Use CBORD For Access Control?

Any experience or opinions on CBORD products? I have the impression the target vertical in the US is education, but details are sketchy on technical details and enduser experiences. Anyone have hands-on knowledge?

We are migrating away from our legacy BlackBoard system which controls 60+ doors with swipe access. The system has worked for years but is not nearly as robust as Prowatch or other systems. We looked at CBORD for their dining application but also were interested in the door access component. There were advantages to having it tie into a central HR system for card creation with picture verification and such but everything would need to have an interface built across systems which escalates the cost. In the end it just did not measure up against Prowatch which we already had a significant investment in.

We have a couple customers who have it, where we maintain just the video system. It looks pretty basic and solid, and the ones I've seen are based on HID Vertx V1000/100/200 lines, so they're not proprietary on the hardware side. I haven't sold or installed one, but I can't talk bad about them and haven't heard anything bad either..