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Help Adding ONVIF Cameras Into Genetec?

How can I add ONVIF cameras into Genetec? I don't have any experience with Genetec and don't know if it can support Avigilon or if I should add it as an ONVIF camera? I didn't find trial version of Genetec online.

I have Omnicast 4.7 and have the "Cam Editor" program installed. I'm having trouble making sense of the .cam, .cam2, .xml files. Not sure where to put the stream url so that "Config Tool" will recognize my stream. I can use "ONVIF" from the selection drop down box and Config will recognize audio and input contact, and model name, but no video stream. I've tried several of the other mfg's listed with same results. I was trying to connect a LG LND 5100 brand cam. Genetec offers no help on their gtap site and since I'm and end user I'm shut out of same with insufficent privledges. Any sugesstions are truly appreciated.

Omnicast or Security Center? Version? There is also a cam file editor application that gets installed with the Genetec installation that allows you to create custom extensions. We've pulled in all kinds of cameras with that.