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Anyone Have Experience With Toshiba Security Products?

Specifically the Ik-1000 color starlight camera which claims it has an electron multiplier(fancy word for an op-amp) which gives it color imaging in near total darkness... I didn't see Toshiba listed as a mfr on ipvm, even tho they seem to have a full security offering, is there some knock against them? Yes its pricey > $5000, but might have some advantages over thermal/ir...


We have talked about that camera where extreme low light and EMCCD has come up. That said, because of its 5x higher price (than top low light), and Toshiba's limited position in the market, it's not something that there seems to be much interested in.

There's other Toshiba cameras, but no one has ever asked us about them and it's not clear what advantages they have outside of being yet another old school brand.

I suppose its a back-handed compliment to ipvm... You have so many mfrs listed and quite a few of them i havent even heard of, so when i have heard of one i just expect it will be there.

That said there may some slight benefit taking a look at them since in Socal they are on the shelves in a couple of box store chains, like Fry's where they seem to comprise the 'high end' there, along side the usual qsee and swann dreck.

i bought a IK-WB21A ip megapixel(ok barely) 22x optical zoom, 2way audio, edge recording, ptz for $900 in 2007(!), that still works.

Their dvr/vms software on the other hand was a joke.


I have tested Toshiba cameras. The camera was OK but I did not see any advantages to it. Software both embedded in camera and the distributed viewing software were not up to features of other camera manufacturers. Fewer featurers controls etc. VMS software seems to support Toshiba, but cameras are "me too" products. I would not buy any more Toshibas.

I usually select AXIS, and I like some things about Bosch and Sony. May take hard look at Samsung for less expensive cameras, wont use inexpensive chinese cameras based on concerns over support quality control. There are other manufacturers I have not evaluated but life is short. I respect the information on this site, IPVM and I have been guided by the work they have done in evaluating other camera lines.

Axis, Bosch, and Sony cameras are twice the price of Toshiba cameras so this is a bit llike comparing a Mercedes to a Volkswagen. Some projects are performance driven others are budget driven. Aside from the hardware/software they produce, Toshiba has exellent integrator programs, services, and support. Great company to work with.

I did not find that much of a price difference Toshiba was somewhat less expensive but only a small percentage I am referring to street prices not list prices which maybe a lot higher

We use a lot of Toshiba NVR's and IKWD14 series cameras. The cameras have performed excellently and their new NVS Pro series recorder also seems top notch. Above all, their support is great. They actually follow-up on issues and provide 24/7 tech support.

Are Toshiba surveillance cameras still active on the market, and there were only three selected models (link)in the IPVM Camera selector with support to MJPEG, MPEG-4 w/o H.264. but the product guide is up to 2016(link)....

They've been selling in SoCal for ten plus years. Same Price. Same Features. Which makes them a horrible value.

But in 2004, there was nothing close to it. I challenge anyone to show a camera available then that was IP PTZ(fast) 22x optical zoom, edge recording, 2-way audio, HD resolution under $1000.

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