Anyone Have Experience With The NVT Phybridge Flex Switch / Flex-Link?

NVT has a product called the Phybridge FLEX Switch which, when used with their FLEX-Link Adapter, they claim can deliver 100 Mbps and 30W PoE power from the switch to a device up to 2000ft (610m) away over CAT6/6E cable. That's higher power over a greater distance than I've seen from other EoTP devices. The only other one I know of that has similar specs is the Veracity LONGSPAN that claims 25W at up to 1968ft (600m). Does anyone have any first hand experience with either of these devices (NVT FLEX Switch or Veracity LONGSPAN)? Any recommendations for other EoTP extenders that can do 25W or 30W at a distance greater than 1000ft without needing local power (i.e. powered from the head end)?

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