Anyone Have Any Experience With Remsdaq Access Control?

Recently someone asked me about Remsdaq as an access control platform. I know next to nothing about the company or they're products other than what can be found on their website.

Anyone with experience with their EAC platforms?

Interesting. I've not heard of Remsdaq. They appear to play in high-end institutional and high security systems where integration with building systems or SCADA integration is needed.

I'm not sure they manufacturer their own hardware controllers, but I can't ID who they are OEMing:

The controller itself has some neat bells 'n whistles. It is PoE+ powerable (High pass-thru power, see: PoE Powered Access Control Guide), and natively integrates to Assa's Hi-O life-cycle/maintenance system.

You sholdn't go for high-end with Remsdaq, better use it for small and medium-sized systems, like equivalent to Rosslare. They use BACnet communication protocol, which naturally makes them communicating with BMS platforms, but haven't tested any of their integration capabilities yet.