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Anyone Have Any Experience With Audio Analytics?

I am looking to use this but want to know how well it works.

Specifically, I have been looking at the UK company Audio Analytics.

Here are some video examples:

I only built processing servers for some companies in my past life. VPI is one product you might look into.

VPI - this company? It looks like they do call center type analytics.

What OP is asking for is security analytics, using it with cameras and VMSes to identify threats, etc.

correct. Sorry, I posted too fast, before Colin added the sample videos.

Bump. I am sure someone has used audio analytics but given that audio use at all is rare in surveillance, I doubt there are a lot.

Agree with John. I just have had a single installation with Audio Analytics, as it's integrated in our PSIM. End customer makes use of it for recognizing and alarming on "aggression" and glass break sounds. And this is the only project I'm aware for about last 5 years... On the other hand, Audio analytics will add more to their database and because of the quite interesting price level it might lead to more projects in the future.

How good it works? Well, hard to say. Glass break worked at least once as a window in neighborhood was smashed and they got the alarm. To test "agression" sound, you might ask some actors to help you testing it ;)