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Anybody Have Experience Using Control4?

I am working with an A/V dealer and he wants to integrate Arecont Vision cameras into his client's control 4 setup. Obviously this is more of a home automation type system than a traditional NVR server. If anybody has had a similar situation like this I would like to hear feedback on how it worked.

The main concern is that the hardware for a home automation systems like Control 4 will have limitations when trying to push through 3-5 megapixel video. Usually the resolution will have to be stepped down to 720P.

John- If this is too unrelated to traditional surveillance we can take the discussion off the board and make this a personal side bar.


I did it about 2 years ago, with a Axis 233D, SD res. thru the LCD touch panels with an HC1000 as the master, on the older version of the software 1.82. Just to see if it worked. It did, even the ptz controller, but was 2 sec latency at least. I'm not sure where I got the driver...

Is the dealer using their proprietery in-wall LCD touch panels, or iPad / iPods? Wired or wireless?

The touch panels are (or were) just some system-on-a-board linux variant running booting from SD media. The ones I have are not HD, maybe 1200x900?? and they might choke on a 5 Mp stream. But they surely have better now. Also they, with version 2.0, started their own app store, there might be an app there for it.