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Anybody Heard Of Teleste IP Video Management System


Anybody familiar with Teleste VMS? I heard the name when a customer asked me specifically for this Solution.When I search online, I see big project references on their Website but not a lot of information online from users.

They have strong references namely: Unified IP video solution for city center monitoring in Paris, Distributed IP video solution for Chicago Transit Authority,Integrated CCTV networks for SNCF, French national railway company, The City of Cape Town Metropolitan Police CCTV,Integrated video traffic monitoring covering motorways and tunnels in whole Austria,The Swedish Transport Administration.

They also claim to work with Government and Military of Queensland Govt, Scottish Govt, French Govt, British Telecom etc. But I am not able to find more information and reviews about the Software/Hardware. They have extremely high prices for their VMS/NVR.

Anybody with reviews or recommendations about the software, please comment.Curious to know whats special in the Software/NVR. Want to know if the high cost is justified by features, performance and stability.

My impression is that they are roughly the Verint of Europe. As their project list indicates, they tend to focus on large scale government systems.

I don't know how good or bad they are because they rarely show up in North America. Hopefully others with direct experience will help.

I be used this product for some of major Govt agencies. Their product is quite robust and very customized to suite client needs. They offer their own encoders and decoders and integrate with third party cameras. Some of the modules offered by other big VMS companies in Canada or US have already been implemented with their enterprise VMS. Their maintenance costs for VMS are reasonably priced. Their tech support is quite good. They should improve their ticketing system though. Overall it sits in Tier1 VMS products with reasonable price tag

I don't know if it helps but they won the project "Préfecture de Paris" in France which is around 12.000 cameras, here is the case study: Case Study Préfecture de Paris

Another PR: Teleste Video Surveillance Helps Paris Police Carry out Law Enforcement -

They are not the best company in marketing as here in Europe, we don't see them a lot...but I know that they are winning big projects.


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