Any Word On The Axis Q3709-PVE Multi-Imager?

I am curious about this model and would like to see real application. It was stated the expected shipping date was in Q2, but haven't seen any movement yet. Hoping someone may have some quick info. Thanks.

When last we checked with Axis, they told us September was likely. That was about 6 weeks ago.

Let me check in with them and see if they have updated info.

Cool thanks!

According to Axis, it's still on the map for Q3. So maybe we'll see it in the next 30 days.

The following Dropbox links are for clips from a prerelease version of the Q3709-PVE that was taken to some very interesting locations around Melbourne, Australia.


Collins Street, Melbourne

Car Park

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)

(Please use the Dropbox "Download" option rather than simply click on the clips in each folder or you will get a low-res version of the clips.....I have learned something new today!)

FYI, this is available now (has been for a while but I'm late in seeing this). We just got one in last week. If you are a Milestone user, their 8.2 driver pack added support for this model.