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Feedback On ipConfigure VMS?

Hello folks,

I’m sorry that I have to post this question under anonymity, but I don’t want to accidentally make a broadcast request for solicitation.

I would like to get some insight and feed back from anyone that has experience with VMS software from IP Configure, Inc.

We have in excess of 100 camera systems in various places around the U.S. Most of these systems are VMS from one of the big three vms vendors.

IP Configure would like us to evaluate their systems as a possible alternative.

Any experiences or first hand knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I am an integrator who has installed IPConfigure in both smaller and larger applications. I can honestly say my customers have been extremely happy with it. It is not overly complicated and the fact that 100% of the software is web browser make upgrades a snap as I don't have to upgrade a single workstation. Our largest installation with it is a school district with over 600 cameras. This is a distributed system with a recording server in each school and a management server in one location.

The reason why I choose IPConfigure over other vendors is simple. They are innovative, which is proven by the fact that they won Axis' Technology Partner of the year last week at the ACC as well as their gigapixel cameras and their License Plate recognition on the camera. They are also very easy to work with and I find them to be a true partner.

If you have any questions please ask away.

I have never used ip configure for our Vms, but [REDACTED] is a lot easier and also a realiable source.

This is promotional and not allowed. If you never used ipConfigure, that's fine. Don't comment on a thread asking specifically about such a product.


Thank you for your comments. Since I made my initial post I was able to find some research previously done, on this site, which gave me some more insight. Those tests/articles were several years old, but I will look into the questions raised and see if they have been addressed.

The name of the firm "IPCofigure" makes it very hard to research because of all the cross hits...

But, I do find the concept very intriguing, that of straight HTML interfacing.... I don' quite understand why it has to be so limiting... and I wonder if HTML5 will/would solve many of the limitations?

We use milestones mobile server app to accomplish this same functionalty but it is too limited for wide use.


Sorry for not responding and being clear earlier. We do know ipConfigure, but we have been waiting until we could talk with them on recent additions to their VMS. As you allude, we have an old test of their VMS, as well as overview posts on their Gigapixel camera and LPR app.

In general, I think it is tougher to develop VMSes using web clients with the same richness of functions as a thick client (though I have not seen the recent ipConfigure UI). As for HTML5, we had an interesting discussion when Milestone launched their HTML5 client last year.

I agree with John to some degree. Their older version. and to some degree their current version is not as flashy and feature rich as there were limitations to coding in web browsers. I can attest to this as before I got into the security industry I was a computer programmer (about 8 years ago for over 10 years). I am sure IPVM will be doing another test of their newest version once it is released it does take advantage of HTML5. I think the difference I have found between the guys who have web interfaces and IPConfigure is that they are 100% web based, so they spend 100% of their development dollars on web development, it isn't an afterthought.

What I really enjoy is I can manage everything from the web browser, literally everything. Cameras, users, servers, motion detection and grooming, reporting...

Simply it is worth the hour or 2 of your time to evaluate it and make the decision. You seem like an educated user, and if what you have doesn't fit your needs, you are doing the right thing by evaluating your other options.



Overall, their client lacks key functionality such as searching for multiple days and no synchronized playback. Furthermore, common live display options are missing, e.g., no quickly replay option or manual record.

Here are some notable changes since our 2010 report:

  • Installation has improved since 2010; they configure IIS for the user now.
  • They support ~1000 cameras, but no ONVIF support
  • Multistreaming- will be responsive to layout size (e.g. 1 or 9 cameras) or remote users by changing to a lower stream automatically.
  • Health Monitor is built in with alerts, reports and a dashboard like view of servers and cameras across the organization.
  • Enterprise management: Camera templates can be used to add cameras quickly. Moreover, configuration changes can be done for multiple cameras at once.
  • Live JPEG Snapshot feature
  • 3rd party access control with 3 vendors; cost is ~$2000 per customer.

They are planning a major version release is scheduled for early 2014, which includes an improved timeline, and search capabilities as well as other improvements to the live view features, such as layout changes, drag and drop and search capabilities.