Any Feedback About Bosch VMS?

What can you say about Bosch VMS in comparison with other top VMS?

Half the integration at double the price.

Would you mind to elaborate?

Sure. Didn't mean to be short, but without knowing anything about your requirements, it's quite a broad question. :)

There are many things besides price and integration that one would want to compare between VMSes, but those two stand out as being two of the more objective differentiators in this case. On the integration side, Bosch claims support for ONVIF Profile S, which is of course a plus. But while Profile S provides a solid baseline for streaming, recording, and playback, some of the more advanced features and functionality are not possible without direct integration. Outside of Bosch's own cameras, it would appear they have done little direct integration with other manufacturers ip cameras. Compared to Exacq for example with > 2000 models directly integrated into their product.

As for cost, looking at Internet pricing alone, I'm showing this 8-channel Bosch Professional License to be around $3,800, where 8 channels of Exacq Professional look to be around $1200.

Your pricing may be better, and Exacq is defintely one of the cheaper ones of the top VMSes. Do you have pricing?

Aw yes. My question is too broad. Im particularly interested on the following criteria:

a. ease of use

b. functionality

c. perfomance of their built in video analytics (integrated on camera)

Thanks in advance.

Based on integrator preferences, I would not put Bosch's VMSes in the same category as top VMSes. Bosch did not show at all in the Favorite VMS Manufacturers 2014 but was prominent in the Worst VMS Manufacturers 2014.

If you definitely want to go all Bosch cameras, then consider Bosch VMSes. Otherwise, I recommend you consider a more general purpose, widely accepted VMS.

As for Bosch analytics, see: Camera Analytics Tested: Axis vs. Bosch vs. Sony and Testing Color Analytics Performance