Any Experience With Samsung Integrated IR PTZ?

As a follow-up to our Dahua integrated IR PTZ test, a member asked about Samsung's version - the SNP-6200RH?

Here's what it looks like:

Cost is ~$2,500 USD. Most striking physical difference from the Dahua is the design / layout of the IR LEDs.

One major problem with the Dahua integrated IR PTZ was its difficulty in focusing at longer ranges, especially at night.

Anyone have any experiences with the Samsung version?

I did find one comment from Deegan a few months ago, noting: "We were extremely impressed with the Samsung SNP-6200rh PTZ with focusable IR. The IR was solid even past 150ft though I wish the IR didn't need 24VAC. Otherwise, it's an amazing Cam."

No experience with, only an observation on design.

The difference is black and white. Samsung places significantly more resources on pure aesthetics, and it shows, but what is it worth?

Although adding a wiper (for spiders?), is simply too much for the best of design teams...

Which eye is where IR is?

IR is in the eye of the beholder right. IR is in the eye = Iris in the eye. Serendipity or Serbianduplicity?