Any Cameras Show Real Time CPU / RAM Use?

I suspect that a lot of camera problems (like frame drops or image breakups) are a result of the camera being overloaded / having insufficient CPU / RAM for a given task. The problem is cameras do not typically show these stats. Even though most are Linux computers, there's no equivalent of a top or free command.

Does anyone know of any camera manufacturers that have an option to show real time resource utilization either as a screen overlay or a readout on their web interface?

I think it would be very useful for troubleshooting.

I know Bosch equipment shows its CPU status real time.

Thanks, Rogier! Anybody know any others?

There is definitely at least one unlisted Axis overlay parameter. Just out of curiosity I put #c in the overlay text field, and I get a number which is steady when the scene is still, goes up when the lights go out, and jumps when there's motion in the scene. I'm suspicious that this is CPU usage. I'll contact Axis and find out.

My guess is that #c is the compression factor.....

The lack of some performance metrics, such as CPU usage, memory usage, and disk information, in IP cameras is quite a no-go, imho. Providing these metrics via SNMP is possible and I wonder why IP camera's manufactures do not provide them. It would make the monitoring of those cameras much simpler and more productive.

Examples of today's MIBs that provide performance data:

Host Resources MIB: presents information about the current hardware and software configuration of a host. It also provides information on file system size and usage.

UCD SNMP MIB: presents most system performance data. For example, information about CPU usage and memory usage is possible to retrieve by using this MIB.

Interfaces MIB: provides information on network devices. That is the only performance MIB that is widely available in today's IP cameras. At least the only one that I'm aware of.

Does anyone know any IP camera's manufacture that provide the Host Resources and UCD SNMP MIBs in their IP cameras?