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Any Camera Offering More Than 1 Output Port?

Are there any cameras in market that support more than 1 relay output port? Appreciate any help.

Yes, there are, but they're getting more and more rare. Most current generation cameras only have one. Sony's 6th gen V series have two. The Axis Q1615 has two ports which can be configured as inputs or outputs, but most of their other cameras have one at most. Those are about the only ones I know of off the top of my head and after a few minutes of searching.

FWIW, Many Samsung IP PTZ cameras have 2 relay outputs. Check out SNP-6320 (indoor) or SNP-6320H (outdoor).

Many Panasonic cameras have 1 alarm output (switchable from Alarm in 2) and an Aux output. Not sure what the application is, but that could work for some....