3M LPR Integrated With Milestone VMS

Did any one tried to take feed from ANPR camera to a VMS (e.g. Milestone). Client having 3M spike venus ANPR system; as I knew its standalone system. Is it anyway to take the feed (multi-streams?) of ANPR camera to VMS. We are not using this feed for any analytical purpose but just for recording purpose.

Is it this device?

If so, it does list "Video Output Hardware MJPEG streaming of the video." Milestone and most VMSes can ingest MJPEG streams. Do you have a manual or can you access the camera's web interface?

That is one unusual camera, and not just unusual looking...

It has built-in GPS.

There is an option for 3G/4G.

It has four bands of IR, 940nm, 850nm, 810nm and 750nm.

It's erstwhile name, the "Spike Venus +392"