An Interesting Look At Police Body Cam Footage

The NYT has an article that looks at police body cam footage, plus some additional coverage, and asks you to make a determination on what the officer was facing based on the body cam footage.

The article link: Police Body Cameras: What Do You See?

Some of the videos are quite deceptive, in a way.

Very eye opening, however, some evidence, even if just audio, will give context to events.

Sometimes videos don't help, sometimes they don't help much, but sometimes there's nothing like them:

Thirty feet away from the melee was a Samsung home security video camera Faulkenberry had fastened to a utility pole years earlier. It captured police arriving in response to a bogus call from Faulkenberry's 16-year-old son. The teen, angry that his dad had grounded him for problems in school, told police his father was drunk and waving a firearm. The video shows Faulkenberry with his arms raised and no weapon in sight. While the officers begin to handcuff him, one deputy kicks Faulkenberry's leg out from under him, after which Faulkenberry is thrown forcibly to the ground and struck at least once in the back, according to the video.

Nice that the author threw in the brand, though ironic since the brand is being thrown out. Also, it was several years old and still working fine. Can't buy that kinda PR... except in SSI maybe.