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AMAG Symmetry Video - Is It Any Good? Is It OEM'ed?

Does anyone use AMAG Symmetry video? Is it reliable, easy to use, intuitive? Is the video platformed OEM'd? How about the video encoders / video hardware - it looks like it is OEM'd... thanks!

Also, how about service & support?

I have never heard of anyone using AMAG's VMS. I assume some of their existing EAC customers use it but it doesn't appear that it's popular to a broader audience.

Hopefully others can help.

One question to all: Is Amag's VMS software separate from their access control software? That is, are these separate client applications?

Btw, here's a screencap of their VMS client:

I can think of about four of our customers who use Amag's VMS, they use it because they were already using it for access control, then added cameras.

The VMS is integrated with the Symmetry software and is managed from there. It only works with a handful of cameras (Axis, some Arecont, and Amag [not sure who makes the cameras]). The motion detection must be done on the camera as trigger events sent to Symmetry. They also integrate with other VMS's and DVRs. It works, but I didn't particularly find it intuitive. If the customer already has Symmetry and they use it quite a bit, I would consider it, otherwise I would go a different route.

It is a well-known sales strategy for AMAG to give away Symmetry VMS for free if it gets them the access control piece of a project.

For small systems, Symmetry VMS is probably just fine. However, I know several enterprise (multi-site, 250+ camera) systems that have already replaced at their own expense the AMAG VMS they got at no cost due to instability and clunkiness.

Thank you for the feedback. This is very helpful.

I could play with the Symmetry VMS when I attended the training. It has the basic functions that a VMS should have, a budget choice for customers who have the Symmetry Access Control and want to have recordings of AC events/alarms, but not equivalent to Genetec or Milestone VMS.

Some companies have Symmetry as a standard for AC, they can improve their system with the VMS module, but I wouldn't use it for standalone VMS.