AMAG Has A New President

There's been a 'changing of the guard' at AMAG. Matt Barnette has been promoted to President.

"In a planned transition effective July 1, 2014, AMAG Technology, Inc. announced today that Bob Sawyer will become Chairman of AMAG’s Board of Directors, relinquishing day to day executive management of the Company to Matt Barnette, currently AMAG’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing."

Industry generally viewed Mr. Sawyer as an 'old guard' type who is apparently rolling things over to Mr. Barnette, who has been the 'heir apparent' for a number of years.

AMAG is a mid-tier Access Company whose Symmetry platform claims it is a 'cheap PSIM'. While not as big as Lenel, the company has a large presence among independent integrators and a large install base.

Do you have any thoughts or color to add regarding this handoff?

From the few times we have met (professionally and personally) I would say Matt Barnette is a great person and I think it was a good move for AMAG.

My biggest hope for AMAG is for the American market to have more control over updates and features in the software and not have to rely on the G4S mothership. They made the big .NET change for version 7, but they didn't add any new features over version 6 (except maybe for intrusion). I'm really looking forward to version 8 to finally bring AMAG back to a modern system.