Am I The Only One Who Has Problems Installing Milestone?

I've been trying to install Milestone XProtect Enterprise for a few days now, and each time I try, installation fails. It would fail usually at the same spot, saying there was some Installation.Exception or SQL error.

I had to spend half a day restoring the PC (which is only used for running Milestone) after failed install attempts, and the other half waiting for PC updates and "thankfully" Milestone successfully installed.

Why is this such an issue? Out of the other VMS installations I have seen or done, none have been quite as troublesome as Milestone. Have others seen or experienced similar issues installing Milestone, or perhaps any other VMS? Or am I simply unlucky?

What other VMS's have you installed that you found to be easier?

I won't answer for OP, but literally every single one. Even Genetec, which has an even larger install package (well over 1 GB if I remember), takes a long time to install, but doesn't routinely fail like a Milestone install.

C pretty much nailed it on the head.

I've installed big VMSes like Exacq and Genetec as well as smaller systems like Axis Camera Station, Avigilon and the like and I've nearly had little to no installation issues as large as Milestone.

You might want to run a hardware diagnostic, particulallry memory, just in case, especially since you say it keeps failing at the same place. If it happens again, try another brand of memory, just for kicks.

I have seen in the past if your reinstalling that it will have an issue with SQL when using the already created database. Deleting the old database usually(but not always) resolved the issue.

SQL problem without a doubt. Been there - done that. Wipe the SQL install and start again.

There are a few things one has to do.... for any VMS really.

1) turn OFF UAC

2) Preinstall the .net 4.5.1 or 2.

3) Install under an administrator userid

4) consider turning OFF the firewall if you dont have all the rules defined.

5) If you have attempted before and had a different sort of can not usually do a reinstall because of SQL assumptions in the install script. You would need to really clean out SQL which is a non trivial task time wise.

This is where a factory recovery partition comes in handy since it takes only and hour or so to get back to factory clean and SQL wont get confused. All our servers have this recovery partition by default. We only remove it if the customer does not want they will make DVD backups for the factory image themselves.

I haven't installed Enterprise but have installed the smaller versions on numerous PCs and even low spec notebooks in test environments and touch wood I have never had an issue.

I have run into this before. You will likely have to create a separate database in SQL. If I remember right this can be done during the more detailed setup option. You may want to check their fantastic knowledge base or their equally good forums. Customer support is hit and miss with a half hour wait time being typical for tier 1 support, which is rarely able to resolve issues like this.

Yes, Milestone can be frustrating. I deal with it all day every day. I feel that frustration is the price we pay to use an "Open Platform" that supports an unprecedented quantity of devices and integrations. The closed system guys have it easy.

I feel that frustration is the price we pay to use an "Open Platform" that supports an unprecedented quantity of devices and integrations.

No, I don't agree in this case, though your point is taken for configuring and integrating the system in general.

There is little excuse for the initial base product install to fail on supported COTS hardware. If there is a vestigial SQL Server instance discovered, then it should be prompted for and removed. Ditto if the .NET version is wrong. Plenty of other software have embedded MS components that manage this without needing manual intervention.

You're not the only one.