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Alternative To CEM S3030 Portable Reader

Anyone can suggest me alternative/equivalent product for CEM S3030 portable reader?

Hello, Undisclosed:

Take a look at these options:

DSVII for iClass Mobile Reader

3M Cogent MiY-Mobile

There are many others, but in order to help get the right answer, can you provide a few more details?

  • What credential formats does it need to read?
  • Which Access System are you interfacing with?
  • Does it need to be handheld, or just 'temporary'? Is a tabletop unit okay?


Dear Brain,

Thanks for your reply.

  • Credential format - Mifare Plus (or) Desfire EV1
  • Access System - Lenel (or) Bosch Access control system
  • Specification is for handheld unit, through which security guards can check any one ID on demand...
  • What are the integration possibility for 3M Cogent/DSVII with Bosch or Lenel access control systems.


Hello, Undisclosed.

I sent email to both 3M/Cogent and Vision Database to finds out how their products integrate with Lenel/Bosch access. Here's the answer I got from 3M:

Hi Brian,

The MiY products have been used with Lenel solutions, connection between reader and panel are via Wiegand, where we can create custom formats to show user access, biomatch failures, event status etc.. The same be performed with Bosch.

Currently we do not support the OAAP protocol. We are able to do this when we have an business opportunity to justify the effort.


The unit interfaces with the access system via Wiegand protocol (think 'driver'). While 'creating custom formats' sounds complex, the actual process is quite painless in most EAC systems. I am not familiar with the interface in either Lenel or Bosch (perhaps another member is), but usually after connecting the system to a reader - in this case wirelessly - you scan a badge and then instruct 'the system' on what the characters in the returned string define. Once the template is configured, all credential scans are interpreted in the same way.

My explanation makes it sound a bit more complex that it generally is, also. I'm gathering pricing details on both units now, and will update shortly.


Maybe access control manufacturers should consider adding mobile card reader interface support to their mobile/web clients.

This looks interesting: iDentive iAuthenticate Smart Card Reader

Maybe use an RFIdeas USB reader with a Panasonic Toughbook running the ACS client software?

I can see where this might be handy for a university to use for student attendance at athletic events or on-campus activities.